About us

Transition Haverfordwest

Transition Haverfordwest is a network of organisations and initiatives, which will grow from the actions of hundreds of individuals and organisations working to shape and realise a shared vision of a positive future for Haverfordwest and the surrounding areas. The network is co-ordinated by a steering group that also has responsibility for four core initiatives, which are:

We believe that by working together we will make a much bigger difference than working alone, and are aiming to extend the network to include 100 Partner initiatives who feel that they share our mission and can contribute to our aims.

Benefits of joining the network

  • Promotion of partner initiatives on the Transition Haverfordwest website and opportunities to submit content to monthly transition newsletter
  • Participation in network events and opportunity to play a part in the work of the steering group to shape the direction and priorities of transition in Haverfordwest and the surrounding areas
  • Promotion of opportunities to work together, share skills and resources and avoid duplication

We offer no fixed answers, rather believing the solutions will arise from engaging the creativity, imagination and knowledge of the community. 

If you are interested in getting involved or finding out more about us please contact us.

The following video, created by the Transition Network, describes the situation we’re in and the objectives of the Transition Movement…